Freelance Film and Creative Media Services by Disturbia Films

Welcome to Disturbia Films, your go-to freelance source for film and creative media services. Specializing in the production of shorts, features, and series across various media platforms, Disturbia Films is not confined to any particular genre, although we have a penchant for the thrilling world of horror.

What Disturbia Films is...

Operating under the banner name Disturbia Films, we extend our expertise across multiple genres within the industry. Our services encompass a wide range of craft, including production, post-production, advertising, and social media management.

With ten years of experience in the film, commercial, and digital production realm, Disturbia Films has built a solid track record in the UK. Now moving to Canada. Utilizing cutting-edge equipment such as 4K broadcast cameras, steady cams, and vehicle-mounted GoPros, we deliver top-notch trailers, adverts, show reels, and movies.

Our portfolio boasts an ever-expanding list of productions featured on platforms like Amazon Prime. As Disturbia Films charts a course for growth in the upcoming years, we invite you to stay tuned for exciting developments.

Let's talk...

Let’s discuss your vision. Whether you have a concept for a show reel or require expertise in various creative fields, Disturbia Films is here to bring your ideas to life… email here