About Us

London based film and creative media company.

“We are a film production company that independently produce projects such as shorts, features and series across a variety of media platforms. Though we specialize in horror, we do not limit ourselves to this one platform”…

Here at Disturbia Films Ltd. we want to span the multiple genera’s of the industry producing the very best in Shorts, Features and Series and we ant You to join us along for the ride!

What we do…

Here at Disturbia films, we are tired of all the in your face ‘shock you until you are sick’ generation of ‘Gore’ films that has grown to help ‘improve’ and hit audiences until they are so desensitized it’s not True Horror anymore.

At its core, Disturbia-Films is a team of professionals experienced in all aspects of film making … from the initial ideas through to the finished film, we have those skills.

That’s why we are constantly writing our own screenplays and turning them into great films! Our people love horror and fantasy in particular, but we are delighted to support your project, no matter what your vision may be.

Need help with script writing, talent, filming, editing? We offer all those services!

Let’s talk…

We would love to hear from you so that we may discuss how our services can help turn your ideas into polished films. You’ll find a lot of information on this website, but please do contact us if you would like to know more or talk through your vision.