About Us

Who we are.

“We are a film production company that independently produce projects such as shorts, features and series across a variety of media platforms.¬†Though we specialize in horror, we do not limit ourselves to this one platform”…


Though Horror is our specialty, we are not limited only to that platform. With such a diverse group of people on our team we all have our own personal favorites, Winters for instance loves her Sci-fI and Fantasy, where as Wolf Loves her classic Horror.

Here at Disturbia films we want to span the multiple genera’s of the industry producing the very best in Shorts, Features and Series and we ant You to join us along for the ride!

What we do.

“We create high quality suspense and tension, to bring back that classic edge that we feel the mainstream horror and film industry has lost”…

Here at Disturbia films, we are tired of all the in your face ‘shock you until you are sick’ generation of ‘Gore’ films that has grown to help ‘improve’ and hit audiences until they are so desensitized its not True Horror anymore.

…The real scare factor has been lost…

That shot where the camera pans away and although you hear the scream and see either a splatter of blood or a shadow, its not in view so your mind can run wild. The monster that is always out of shot or focus so that you don’t see it until the end. This is the suspense, tension and edge that we strive to bring back to life for our audiences to get their imaginations running.


What we don’t do.

“We do not produce over the top gore, Nor full frontal nudity. We believe in suspense rather than that ‘in your face’ shock factor, and we believe in producing sexy and classy productions without the need for full frontal nudity”…

Often or not these days, we are shown all of the gore all of the time, whether it be seeing someone stabbed or someone being ripped apart, the boundaries have been pushed so far that nothing surprises or shocks us these days. But those old school classics, the sound of a cut, the reaction on someones face that is the true tension and shock that we here at Disturbia films want to bring to you the audience to bring back that true horror gold that we so very much miss.

Much like with the gore factor, nudity is there all of the time. We are here to produce sexy and tasteful productions that give the impression of nudity but without the need to show it. Both of these points, on gore and nudity are to leave your imagination to run wild, to get your subconscious to think and to get you excited and scared all at the same time.

“We will always strive to stay clear of remakes and to only produce originals and our own spins on classic tales and ideas”…

Why ruin a classic when you can make your own? We are ¬†big believers of leaving those classic originals alone and so we stay clear of doing a remake. Now this doesn’t mean we wont be inspired by other films, or that we wont take an idea and make our own versions. It just means we believe a classic should stay that way, and the reason it is a classic, is because it was perfect the moment it was produced. Why fix something if its not broken?

What we hope to achieve.

“Here at Disturbia films, we aim to achieve top quality productions to entertain and excite our audiences and to bring them back again and again, to provide an ever increasing quality to our productions”

We are always learning in life and that defiantly is true of our productions. Though we employ the very best in Make-up, Camera and lighting equipment and team, we are always striving to learn more and hone our skills here at Disturbia films so that we can add to our already large skill set. We have a dedicated core team who are wanting to produce nothing short of the very best in Shorts, Features and Series, to provide the best in viewing pleasure.

What we can do for you.

“We plan to take your ideas and scripts and to help you to turn them into productions that you want to bring to life. More importantly the stories that you wish to see, untainted and unchanged to keep it to the original vision of your ideas intact as much as possible”…


We believe in keeping to the original ideas of your script as much as possible. No edits, No changes and No re-writes unless it is absolutely necessary. We feel that many scripts and ideas these day are taken and then changed so much that they sometimes barely resemble the original ideas that the Screen writer had.

Though only film crew are allowed on set, You as the creator will be there for production meetings and through the creative process to see your project come to life. With constant up dates and communication about any details about the filming, as well as talks about any issues that mean we may sadly have to change something in order for it to work, what more could you want from a film company when your dream is being made reality?