Critical Perfection

Does perfect pitch let us hear and understand music perfectly, or do we hear only imperfection? A paradox that in this case leads to maddening thoughts with tragic consequences.

Julian, a music critic blessed with perfect pitch, is asked to attend a concert and write a review. On the program is a piano sonata by the Russian composer, Alexander Scriabin. Julian knows the piece intimately and holds it in such high esteem that he considers it to be ‘mystical’, while others think it demonic. He is excited at the prospect of the work being heard by a new audience. The pianist is a world renowned interpreter of Scriabin’s works and Julian is certain he will play the piece perfectly and brilliantly.

He had prostituted his art at the altar of greed, yet Julian still loved him.

A movie written by Lux Aeterna and Directed by Luna Wolf
Produced by Disturbia Films and Mycho Entertainment

A Disturbia Films Ltd. Production