Equal Opportunities


“We are big fans of equal opportunities and helping new people to gain experience within the industry”…

Here at Disturbia Films, we understand how difficult it is to get into the industry or in fact most jobs these days without “experience”. But how can you get experienced people without first allowing people to gain it? Well, we plan to do just that.

Whether you are a budding actor, director, producer, make-up artist or anything else to do within the film industry, we want to give you the opportunity to gain the relevant experience within the industry to help you turn that passion into a career no matter what your age or your background.  We will be providing work placements for you to come and work along side us on our current a future projects to help you gain the experience and skills that you will need to progress your career.


“Discrimination and ignorance is something that we will not tolerate within our company”…

We are an equal opportunities company and this goes very much hand in hand with our views within the LGBT community and any persons from different racial backgrounds. We DO NOT believe that anyone should be judged by the colour of their skin, where they are from, what gender they identify as, nor their sexual orientation. We strive to have a mixed and diverse group of people on our team and will en devour to work with people from mixed and varied backgrounds.

The one strike rule

We will not tolerate any discrimination against anyone on our team and those found doing so will be dealt with accordingly and asked to leave our productions with no references if they continue.

If you are interested in joining us here at Disturbia Films?

Then get in touch with a covering letter to… applications@disturbia-films.com

and we will be in contact about new roles within out latest projects when they go live.