Luna Wolf

Luna was born in the UK with a movie fanatic family, from a very young age she was fighting her brother with broom sticks re-enacting scenes from their favourite movies… Since then she knew her life would revolve around making films… and her family encouraged it…

Now Luna is the owner of Disturbia Films Ltd, Actress/ Producer for productions such as Slasher House 2, Director, Producer and Editor for shorts such as “Critical Perfection” A ShowReel Editor, SFX Makeup Artist, Photographer, Horror Model, Presenter and now following her life long dream of becoming a Stunt Woman!

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Luna and Horror Modelling

Starting her career as a Horror Model, Luna’s first paid job was for the iconic Bizarre Magazine where she met the wonderful Silvia Saccinto who is not just an awesome lady, she is a very skilled makeup artist… the two go on to do more projects together…

Luna then went on to work with professionals such as Horrify Me

From there Luna goes onto being the official presenter for FrightFest TV via 24FootSquare where she gets to pick the brains of awesome creators such as the Soska Sisters about their projects and latest releases… See more about Luna’s Frightfest adventures here.

Harvest by 24FootSquare

After meeting at FrightFest Luna and 24FootSquare got together to make a short horror movie… apart from starring in the short production, Luna also handled all the SFX Makeup too.

“Heather awakes in total darkness, bound, gagged and in severe distress. She doesn’t know where she is, or how long she’s been there. Gradually, she uncovers the dark truth.”

Special Effects Makeup by Luna Wolf

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Luna met Julie at FrightFest many moons ago, they have been great friends ever since, keeping each other up during the long tiring yet super fun hours on the media wall at FrightFest… a long term front line media team… 🙂 Some of Luna’s most favoured photos of herself was taken by Julie!

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