Lux Aeternal – Screen Writer and Lighting Specialist

Screen Writer and Lighting Specialist

Lux has spent many happy years, months, days and hours working as a lighting designer in theatres worldwide but is now enjoying the art of film lighting and its role in cinematography. The disciplines are different but not so far apart, however the creativity required of both is what stimulates him. How light may be used (or indeed not used) to, sculpt the actors, set the tone, add emotion and make us believe we are somewhere else, is endlessly fascinating.


He trained in a London drama school, but really learned his craft in the theatre working with actors, scenographers and lighting designers, ranging from the smallest ‘pub’ venues to large performance spaces in Europe and Japan. In more recent times he has been indulging his love of writing and producing scripts, some of which have been filmed.

At Disturbia Films Ltd., Lux assists Luna with the lighting aspect of the business as well as ensuring that clients and friends have the best possible experience when they hire the services on offer. The Disturbia team will be available to advise and assist from your initial enquiry through to project completion and look forward to working with you.


His lighting and other technical equipment is constantly growing and in line with industry standards is gradually replacing tungsten fixtures with LEDs.

2 x VILTROX VL-S192T 50W LED Video Light Dimmable 3300K-5600K
2 x FOSITAN LED Video Light, 2-Pack 3960 Lux Dimmable 3200-5600K
2 x GODOX SL-60W 60WS 5600±300K plus snoots
1 x Back drops in black, grey and green, 3 Metres x 2 Metres each.
Various stands and tripods to mount the above lighting and / or cameras.

1 x RODE NT-USB Microphone
1 x RODE NT1-A 1″ cardioid condenser microphone


Lux would be delighted to assist you on your productions and offer the following services:

Design and / or assist on set for all your lighting requirements £300 per day (max 10 hours)

The above prices may be negotiated as we will always try to offer you our best rates depending on which items and services you need and for how long.

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