A Disturbia Films Ltd Production

Scorpio is a Disturbia Films Ltd production, created for the Mycho Entertainment Anthology called Horror Scopes. 12 Zodiacs, 12 Directors, 1 Vision.

Each filmmaker was allocated a sign of the zodiac as a theme for their short film – Disturbia Films was drawn out of the hat for the 11th Zodiac “Scorpio” back in 2021.

The story is about a woman hellbent on revenge for the death of her loved one, but she decides to get the help of some scientific experemental research she stole from a local cosmetics lab. What would you do for the ones you love?

“Scorpio” was filmed on a zero budget by Luna Wolf, starring Jen and Sylvia Soska with the score by Kevvy. 

The film features shots of real life scorpions, handled and organised by Mike Butler and Daz Moss.

No creatures were harmed or stressed out during the filming of this production.

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