Script Writing

Here at Disturbia Film Ltd, we specialise in writing and producing for the horror, Sci-Fi and fantasy tradition. From concept to script through filming and post-production, we have a growing portfolio of work of which we are proud.

In addition to producing our own work, we are delighted to offer a script writing service. Working with you, we brainstorm your initial ideas and collaboratively create your screenplay ready for the production process. You may elect to produce the film yourself but should you wish to use our services in this respect, we would be only too happy to discuss your needs.

What we offer


Send us your idea or brief and we provide three synopses and Log-lines. You spend two hours with us, in person or online (e.g. Skype) to discuss which option you prefer and together we’ll flesh out the story further. Once this has been agreed, we write your script!


All our prices include the consultation described above but vary according to the estimated running time of the film.

Up to:
  • 10 minutes £350.00
  • 20 minutes £600.00
  • 30 minutes £900.00

Please note the script is dialogue only, that is, with no camera or other direction.

Off the shelf

Perhaps you are simply looking for a finished script to film? We can help you!

Any one of our growing portfolio of screenplays might well capture you imagination. We have a selection to choose from ranging from the ‘Short, short’ and upwards. In other words a script to suit all production budgets.

Prices start from just £250 … please get in touch and we will be delighted to walk you through our catalogue of film ready scripts.